The Power of a Tweet


On January 14, 2014, I wrote a post on my ‘Consider’ blog and titled it, The Power of a Tweet. ( Today I’m recycling the title. Why, you ask? Let me tell you a cool story.

As you know, I’m working on promoting my novel, In Kala’s Hands: A Lakota Sioux Proclamation. As most authors, Twitter is included as a means to advertise. Earlier this month, I received a tweet asking if I was Sioux. I replied no, asking if she had read my book. I mentioned my visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation for research. She tweeted she had not yet read it because her library was trying to get it. I asked where and the name of the library. She replied, Lyons Public Library in Lyons, Kansas.

I was elated. Someone requested my book in Kansas! How cool is that? I tweeted to let me know if I could be of assistance in case she encountered a problem.

A week passed by without hearing from Kala’s potential reader. I couldn’t stand not knowing if Lyons library would obtain my book for her, so I called. The librarian said she couldn’t order the book without the patron’s full name. Luckily, this person uses her first and last name as her Twitter username. Once the library verified the patron, Kala traveled to Lyons, Kansas. I hope to hear from LeAnne when she holds the book in her hands. Success and the power of a tweet! How cool is that?