Not only is my son, Bobby Meader, ( home from his tour, and able to attend my book signing, but my son Rich, his wife, and my grandson will fly in from Reno to share my special event. What a surprise!

I want to share my conversation with an employee at Office Depot:

Guy: “Can I help you find what you need?”
Me: “Yes, thank you. I’m looking for a document and single book holder.”
Guy: “Follow me; we have a few to choose from.” He picks up a product, and I tell him it’s not what I’m looking for. “Can you tell me what you will use it for so I can better help you?”
Me: “I just need something to display a book.”
Guy: “Are you an author?”
Me: Hesitating, for some reason I had to think about that question. “Yes, I am.”
Guy: “What’s your name? What do you write?”
Me: “Oh, no, no,” I said, shaking my head, “you won’t know me. I’m an Indie author, just published my first book.”
Guy: “What do you write?”
Me: “Fiction.” I hesitate again. “Would you like my card? It has my name and my book’s information.”
Guy: “Yes, I would.” He takes my card and glances over it.
Me: “I’m having my first book signing on January 24th; maybe you’d like to come. It’s the reason for the book holder.”
Guy: “Where is it?”
Me: “Dragon Castle Bookstore, on Cheyenne and Rainbow.” I point out my blog address on the card and show him the title of my book.
Guy: “Thanks, now let’s get you what you need. Follow me again; I think this will work.”

I did leave the store with a book and document holder. It was a good feeling to acknowledge being an author. A damn good feeling!

Thank you to all who responded to my book signing event on Facebook. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new people. 🙂


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