My first review!


December 5, 2014

Aware I will undoubtedly receive less than favorable reviews from readers at some point, does not diminish my current state of bliss over my very first review, written by Mary Keith:

“This is the delightful and heartwarming story of a young lady pursuing her destiny in life. It has mystery, suspense, romance and intrigue. It is filled with the rich and fascinating history of the Lakota Sioux Nation of South Dakota. There’s something in this book for everybody–there’s even a kidnapping episode!

This book made me realize that if more people would follow Kala’s example and do some soul-searching to determine his or her true purpose in life, the world would be a much better and happier place. Another thing that impressed me is the way the characters were introduced–gradually, instead of having them all thrown at you at once! It was hair-raising from the very first page and never lagged till the end. It’s deep and lighthearted all at the same time, and there are many lessons to be learned from it. Needless to say, I was quite taken with this book, and highly recommend it. I’m honored to be the first reviewer!”

WOW! The reviewer captured me – my style of writing, perfectly. I want to copy and laminate it as a business does when earning its first dollar. This makes the years of work worthwhile knowing someone enjoyed my story.

I could go on and on describing how overwhelmed I feel, but I think you get it. 🙂

Until my second review . . . I’m going to cherish this one . . . forever.


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