A cherished Facebook conversation

Before the release of my first novel, this Facebook conversation brought tears to my eyes.

I taught with Janet in 1995-98 in Phoenix, AZ. She wrote a post, when a former student from 1995 read it and joined the conversation:

Janet: Mary and I have been friends for 20 years. She gave me the great honor and pleasure of pre-reading her first novel this summer. It is with much love that I urge you to check out her author’s page and her new novel “In Kala’s Hands”. Xoxo Mary!

Me: Thanks Janet! Love you.

Student: Mrs. Crocco, I shall add this to my reading list!

Me: Is this the lovely Brenda, my former student from Garcia Elem. School?

Me: Janet, is Brenda from Garcia?

Student: Yes it is! Earlier today, I was thinking back to 5th grade and how you taught me to read the newspaper and about voting!

Janet: You had her in 5th and I had her in 6th.

Me: Omg, Brenda. You just brought tears to my eyes!

Student: It was for my Social Studies course…because I’ll be completing my teaching degree this upcoming spring.

Me: Wow! That’s wonderful news, Brenda! I’m very proud of you!

Student: Of happiness, I hope! I’ll say it again because it’s the truth: I choose education as my career because of educators like you gals!

Me: Yes, much happiness! I’m glad I played a part in your career decision.


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